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    On June 23, a half hour before sunrise, we walked out into the "Wounded Wetlands," a water conservation area near our ho...

    It has been a busy week but Mary Lou and I have gotten out into the Wounded Wetlands before sunrise almost every morning..
    Celebrating Fathers Day by re-posting a blog I wrote back on January 28, 2007. My father loved to visit the old churches...

    Only three days after we returned to south Florida from our (hopefully soon to be ex-) second home in Illinois, our son ...

    Perusing the 500+ photos in my archives from three years ago, in June, 2015 brought back wonderful memories. As usual, I...

    Upon returning to Florida this past week we were greeted by Alberto, a sub-tropical storm, which produced several days o...

    This week has been hectic as we were totally immersed in the tasks related to the sale of our Illinois condo, so Mary Lo...

    Birding Bliss
    Sunset over the lake at Jones Meadow, a little "pocket park" near our condo in North Aurora, Illinois: A bit later, t...

    We departed from our south Florida home on April 21, just as spring migration was beginning. Our destination was our con...

    As has been my habit, I have brought out the retro-spectroscope and reviewed my archives from three years ago. My photos...

    It is that in-between season in south Florida, after many winter visitors have departed and the mass arrival of northbou...

    Fog lingers on the lake just after sunrise:  A Great Egret forages at the water's edge: Recent rains have re-c...

    Sunlight touches the fog rising over the Wet Prairie: I grew up calling it a Marsh Hawk, and the same species is kn...

    I reviewed nearly 600 processed photos taken three years ago during April, 2015, a month which found us engaged in famil...

    The month of March gave south Florida its coldest temperatures of the year, dipping into the high thirties (~3 degrees C...

    When I took this photo of a Great Blue Heron and its reflection, I did not know that a deer was watching from the seclus...

    Before sunrise on March 9, clouds hung low over the lake: The rising Sun briefly broke through the cloud cover to ill...

    On the first of March a "Semi-SuperMoon" set over the lake in our local Wounded Wetlands. It was about 226,137 miles fro...

    Once again I am peering through the retrospectroscope, back three years to March, 2015. I will search my photo archives ...

    Our south Florida winter has been much more like summer these past few weeks. We walk out in the cool before sunrise but...

    Reflected reeds framed a Common Gallinule: The sun seemed to be rising from behind a cloud castle: The Lantanas we...

    To some, our early morning walks in the local "Wounded Wetlands" might seem to be a dreadful waste of time. We usually s...

    This continues my monthly exercise of looking back three years, remembering events and inspiring me to appreciate and en...

    Loggerhead Shrike and waning SuperMoon: A murky morning on the local wetlands: Around the world there are thirty s...

    The Purple Gallinule is a Florida favorite. It was one of those species in my bird book whose picture looked so exotic a...

    • Unexpected spectacles
      Thursday, November 16, 2017, 5:20 AM

      Just as no two sunrises are ever alike, I never know what to expect any given morning on the Wounded Wetlands adjacent to our south Florida home-- The full Moon setting on February 3, 2017: The Pine Bank, before Hurricane Irma, which struck on September 10, 2017 After Hurricane Irma, on November 8, 2017, the Pine Bank has a lower profile, as many of the tall Australian Pines have

      Crops & Clips: American Kestrel
      Saturday, November 11, 2017, 6:44 AM

      I grew up calling them Sparrow Hawks or Killy Hawks, although they are falcons, more closely related genetically to parrots than to true hawks. The American Kestrel is the only representative of the kestrel family native to North America. Their prey consists mostly of insects and small animals such as lizards, snakes and mice, although they are capable of catching small birds. An American

      Crops & Clips: Flashback to November, 2014
      Thursday, November 2, 2017, 5:02 AM

      Once again, I am peering through the retrospectroscope at photos archived three years ago. It was a busy month, with 399 photos processed. As I peruse the collection I will try to locate favorite memes: critters of all kinds (especially birds), skies, reflections, fences, and images to depict the seasons as well as those which speak for themselves. A splendid sunrise over our back yard lake on

      New scars in the Wounded Wetlands
      Thursday, October 26, 2017, 8:00 AM

      Category 4 Hurricane Irma made landfall in Florida on Sunday morning, September 11. Expecting it to pass directly over our home, we had decided not to ride out the storm and instead escaped to New Mexico. Although the eye passed about 80 miles to the west, our neighborhood experienced hurricane-force winds which felled trees and knocked out power. We returned home on September 13 just as power

      Little kings crowned and bejeweled
      Thursday, October 19, 2017, 6:22 AM

      The final week of our "warm season" stay in Illinois drew to a close a bit earlier than in most years. We missed the peak of autumn color. It was forecast to be much more subdued this year because of the late-summer drought. A few maples, at nearby Lippold Park in Batavia, stood out among the oaks... ...and one accented the pavillion: Usually our schedule permits us the opportunity,

      Illinois birds and landscapes
      Thursday, October 12, 2017, 6:36 PM

      With our stay in NE Illinois drawing to a close, we have spent limited time in the field. Badly needed rain showers also "dampened" our plans. A visit to Hannaford Woods preserve in Sugar Grove yielded a sought-after Red-headed Woodpecker, though it was not very cooperative. It spent all its time high in the treetops looking down at us: A Magnolia Warbler posed nicely in a natural halo

      Crops & Clips: Flashback to October, 2014
      Thursday, October 5, 2017, 7:05 AM

      This has become a habit of mine, to look back at photos I took three years ago. It may be boring to some, but it helps me to remember the good times past and anticipate the sights which may greet us this October as we venture out into Illinois parks and back to our south Florida Everglades remnant preserve, our "Wounded Wetland." To add some interest to my quest, I will try to include some

      Sandpipers in potholes, fluddles and retention ponds
      Thursday, September 28, 2017, 7:29 AM

      The Upper Midwest is dotted with depressions which collect water from rainfall and snowmelt. Varying in size, depth and weather conditions, some may dry up rather quickly while others may be relatively permanent. All serve as important foraging sites for waterfowl and the larger ones are major breeding sites, comprising " of the most important wetland regions in the world. The area is home

      Birding in between hurricanes
      Thursday, September 21, 2017, 6:59 AM

      We returned to Florida from Illinois on August 5, flew to Amarillo only six days later, then on to Corpus Christi, Texas on August 16 and returned to Florida on August 20. Hurricane Harvey struck Corpus Christi on August 26. As Hurricane Irma approached our Florida home we escaped to New Mexico on September 6, came back to Florida on September 12, then departed for Illinois on September 16. This

    • Calm before the storm

      The approach of Irma, the most powerful Atlantic hurricane in history, struck fear as she moved directly

      September 14, 2017
    • Crops & Clips: Flashback to September, 2014

      Once again I am looking back three years and remembering how it was then, and maybe what I might expect

      September 7, 2017
    • Corpus Christi beach before Hurricane Harvey

      We spent 5 days on North Padre Island, just outside Corpus Christi, Texas, with our daughter, her husband

      August 31, 2017
    • Crops & Clips:Texas Panhandle birds

      These natural rock formations in Palo Duro Canyon resemble ancient edifices: I have supplemented my

      August 24, 2017
    • Crops & Clips: It's only a sparrow

      Out on a trail which traverses the north prairie of Nelson Lake (Dick Young/Nelson Lake Marsh Forest

      August 17, 2017
    • Blue & Gold: Birds of midsummer

      As July gives way to August, the morning chorus diminishes in the grasslands and woodlands of northeastern

      7 hr ago
    • Crops & Clips: Flashback to August, 2014

      This was the first year since moving to Florida that we spent the entire month of August without a trip to

      August 3, 2017
    • Summer and Dickcissels on the Illinois prairie

      Midsummer days in Illinois have often reached higher temperatures than those back home in south Florida

      July 27, 2017
    • Rain birds

      Early in June, a tropical storm system worked its way across the Florida peninsula, bringing buckets of

      July 20, 2017
    • Tricolored Heron: Beauty and grace

      One benefit of living on a lake in south Florida is that the shoreline serves as the stage for some

      July 13, 2017
    • Crops & Clips: Flashback to July, 2014

      Once again, it is time to glean through my photo archives from three years ago to look for examples of

      July 6, 2017
    • Crops & Clips: Birding Bliss (Woods)

      After wintering at our permanent home in Florida, we flew to Illinois at the end of April. Our first foray

      June 29, 2017
    • Distracted by a Killdeer

      We enjoy two  seasons, Warm (and dry) and Hot (and wet). The rainy season has most certainly arrived in

      June 22, 2017
    • Crops & Clips: Orchard Oriole

      Due to the frequent rain, our NE Illinois second home was under a flood watch during the first part of May.

      June 15, 2017
    • A wet welcome to Illinois

      The rains came as soon as we arrived in NE Illinois at the end of  April, and nighttime temperatures

      June 8, 2017
    Crops & Clips: Flashback to June, 2014
    What a thrill to be looking back three years to June, 2014. It was a very active month. As usual I will search my archives...

    Crops and Clips - Signs of spring

    Making time for birding

    Crops & Clips: March, 2014

    Crops & Clips: Flashback to February, 2014

    Foggy mornings and blurry bird photos

    An old Moon and a new bird

    As usual, at about a half hour before sunrise, I started out into the local wetlands.  Normally Mary Lou
    February 16, 2017

    Crops & Clips: Morning Herons

    We were out early as usual this week, about 25 minutes before sunrise. Also as usual, I was only halfway
    February 9, 2017

    Crops & Clips: Flashback to February, 2014

    While remembering events in February, three years ago, I was able to find photos depicting some favorite
    February 2, 2017

    A not-so Short-tailed Hawk

    On a stormy morning, a sunbeam seems to be directed at the entrance gate to our local birding patch (click
    January 26, 2017

    Random back yard visions

    Rainbow from our back patio: Our next door neighbor's pet goes for a doggie paddle: A Tricolored
    January 19, 2017

    As the fog lifts

    We have had several foggy mornings here in south Florida. High humidity coupled with lower temperatures and
    January 13, 2017

    Crops & Clips: Flashback to January, 2014

    I decided to keep playing the "game" of reviewing my monthly photo archives from three years ago,
    January 5, 2017

    Birds and beauty of 2016

    Celebrating the New Year by mining the archives for some memories of 2016 January-- Sky: Stormy sunrise
    December 29, 2016

    Rice-paper egrets on a foggy morning

    It was a morning when you could truly "see what you were breathing." Fog shrouded the local
    December 22, 2016

    Long-legged bird beauties
    Gray skies can sometimes be a blessing for bird photographers, as they produce less glare and fewer shadows
    December 15, 2016

    Birding under a mirrored sunrise

    Crops & Clips: Flashback to December, 2013


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