Here are some images from old scrapbooks
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Old Postcards of Rutherford, NJ:
Rutherford Free Public Library
Rutherford Union Club
St Mary's RC Church and Grammar School
Rutherford Free Public LibraryRutherford Union ClubSt Mary's RC Church  and School
Old Union Avenue Bridge over Passaic River

Station Square, Rutherford
St Marys Church and School
Old Union Avenue Passaic River BridgeRutherford Station SquareSt Mary's Church and Rectory

World War II Ration Stamp Book: (click on image)
WW II War Ration Stamp Book

Penny Post Card 1940 from PA Schneider, Jr to son Kenneth Cole Schneider (age 4)
My Dad sent me this in June, 1940, when I was two months short of 5 years old, Dad mentions a present that "Hughie" brought to me.  He was probably referring to Hughie Hallam, owner of the White Front Super Market at the corner of Springfield and Union Avenues in Rutherford. We lived over his store-- maybe he gave me some cookies. My Uncle Hubert was called "Mart," so this did not refer to him. Ken
1940 Penny Post Card photo1940 Penny Post Card Message

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